Alex Hackett Decor

Unique flowers:
Her trademark

Alex Hackett makes her flowers bloom by assembling them with great natural balance and harmony.

Alex Hackett’s floral arrangements are created using a delicate combination of papers, porcelain and finely textured materials. Through these materials, Alex reclaims nature, and inhabits it perfectly with her creations. Alex Hackett flowers have real timeless power.

The flowers are sculpted by hand from a vast collection of hand-sourced paper from all over the world, Japan, India and Nepal, sustainably sourced and 100% recyclable.  Alex manipulates the papers beautifully, combining complementary materials, textures and colours and breathing life into her floral creations.

Her floral arrangements are sophisticated and elegant, and bring nature into the home through bouquets, wall art, floral compositions, and beautiful table centerpieces. 

These compositions add colour and a sense of poetry to your interior space.

Gallery Photos